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Piano Shipping, Handling

Piano Shipping and Handling

Your piano is one of your most prized possessions.

Moving a piano requires special care and expertise. You don’t want to take any chances with something as fragile as a piano. We are experts at packing and moving pianos so they arrive in perfect condition. And we contract only with the best piano carriers in the world.

When you move your piano with Simorgh Pack Company, you can trust that your prized piano will be handled by caring professionals who know exactly what they are doing, who know that a piano is not just another piece of furniture, and who know exactly how to securely pack a piano for transportation and then ship it safely across town or across the world.

What Types Of Pianos We Can Transport?

Type of Piano
grand-piano Upright-piano digital-piano
Grand Piano Upright Piano Digital Piano

Our Promise:

As an International Moving Company, we provide the full range of services:

Door to Door / Port to Port / Door to Port / Port to Door

All shipments are tracked by satellite from the moment they are picked up until the time they are delivered.